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Simple Organo Pathy
As we know that the aim of each and every medicinal treatment is to protect human from disease, and if someone is suffering from a chronic disease, then try to cure it and so to improve the quality of life.
For these great causes, Researchers, Scholars and Scientists did a lot of work generation-by-generation. And they are still researching on different medicinal treatments. We are also proudly a part of this process.
"Simple organs theory" was researched by a well-known Hakim, medical scientist of 1950's Dr Dost Muhammad Sabir Multani known as the name of Hakim-e-Inqlab in medical world.
He presented "SOT" in his monthly magazine "Registration Front" .Later he published it in his books with challenge, these are the milestone for a new revolution in medical history.
He proposed this theory after a work of many years, which is based on the basic elements of the universe (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) and linking up them to the basic type of tissues of the human body (Muscular, Epithelial, Nervous and connective Tissues). Simple organ theory gives a unique idea about the underlying causes of any disease and its treatment.

This theory is based on the facts that:
"The universe is composed of four elements like Air, Fire, Water and earth. He correlates these elements with human anatomy, herbs and foods. He also made specific principles to advise the specific food charts which help in enhancing the efficacy of herbs".


Universes is composed of four elements like air, fire, water and earth same as human body, which is composed of four basic tissues like muscular tissue, epithelial tissue, nervous tissue and connective tissue. The Muscular tissues, the epithelial tissues and the nervous tissues bind together with the help of the connective tissues to make the compound body organs like stomach, intestine, heart, liver, eyes and lungs etc. According to Simple Organs Theory the root cause of any disease always lies in the basic tissues (life organ). And the disease can be treated by balancing the body systems and supporting the sedated organ with the help of specific food and herbs.
The unique feature of this theory is its diagnostic authority. Pulse is considered to be the most important feature along with urine and tongue examination. Laboratory test are also considered in relation of the three basic body systems.   
In this theory, diseases, herbs and foods are divided into three groups in collaboration to the elements of the universe and humors of a body.
Human Anatomy:
Dr Dost Muhammad Sabir Multani also proposed analogy of the human body and the universe as;
The human body is composed of following tissues
"    Epithelium Tissue
"    Connective Tissue
"    Cartilage
These three basic tissues combined together with the help of connective tissues to makes the compound organs like lungs, stomach, kidney etc. All these compound organs can be classified in three basic groups of organs based on having proportionally more tissues of the particular type.
Cause of Disease
According to the "Simple Organ Theory", a person catches a certain disease when any of the basic body systems like Muscular system, Endocrine system or nervous system starts malfunctioning due to change in the proportion of the humors, black bile (Souda), yellow bile (Saffra), phlegm (Balgham) in blood because of the factors like specific food, pathogens or environment etc.
Souda (Black bile) is dry in nature, saffra (Bile salt) is warm (hot) and balgham (Phlegm) is damp.
Souda or black bile is the fluid of muscular system and nourishes the body muscles. Saffra or yellow Bile is the fluid of glands and nourish the endocrine system. Balgham or phlegm is the fluid of nervous system and enhances the nervous activity.
The proportion of these humors in the blood affects the body system.
According to Simple Organ Theory all the diseases are classified into three basic types in relation with three-body system or the life organs.
"    Diseases of Muscular system (Muscular disease like ulcers, constipation, piles, TB etc.)
"    Diseases of Nervous system (Nerves diseases like epilepsy, diabetes, Diarrhea).
"    Diseases of Endocrine system (Liver related diseases such as jaundice, dysentery).
All the herbs and food are divided into three types, in relation with their temperaments, which tonify the related body system.
The related classification is given in the table A,

Hazrat Allama
Dr Dost Muhammad Sabir Multani
BASIC PRINCIPALS OF "Simple Organs Theory"

Note:  According to "Simple Organ Theory" Pulse Examination is based upon the  
          following 6 observation
           1.  Depth         2.  Length       3.  Volume      4.  Speed          5.  Pressure     6. Tension

Treatment Principle:
According to the Simple Organ Theory hyperactivity of life organ (system) is called disease. When the proportion of humors (black bile, yellow bile and phlegm) changes in the blood because of the factors like specific food, pathogens and environment, the raised humour over-activate its respective body system and due to these changes, it disturbs the condition of other two body systems, one of them goes to lethargic while the 2nd one sedates.
The disease can be treated by supporting the sedated organ and harmonizing the body system with the help of specific food and herbs. The optimal combination of food and herbs for the sedated system is recommended to bring the system back in an active state and eliminates the symptoms
If muscular system is hyperactive which is actually due to excessive amount of black bile in the blood, according to Simple Organ Theory, the endocrine system is sedated and nervous system is in lethargic state. The specific combination of herbs and food is advised which produce more yellow bile and so enhances the endocrine system and the symptoms vanish.
If endocrine system is hyperactive which is actually due to excessive amount of bile salts, according to Simple Organ Theory, the Nervous system is sedated and muscular system is in lethargic state. The specific combination of herbs and food is advised which produce more phlegm and so tonify the endocrine system to cure the disease.
If nervous system is hyperactive because of excessive amount of phlegm in the blood, according to Simple Organ Theory, the muscular system is sedated and endocrine system is in lethargic state. Those herbs and food are advised which produce more black bile (Sauda) that tonify the muscular system and ultimately the symptoms cured.


In this system of treatment food is considered to play the most important role in treating disease along with herbs and environment.
From the previous observations it is obvious that when herbs were taken without specific food chart the rate of recovery was very slow in chronic problems. While in acute symptoms because there is very short time to treat them otherwise it would be fatal, so the herbs play major role in treating the acute problems but in the meantime food must be taken with cautions. e.g., in cholera if patient takes damp type of food such as milk, it will be lethal to him.


Any theory could not spread without the efforts of its followers. Although there are many students of Sabir Multani, but Hakim Muhammad Sadique  Shaheen, Hakim Chuhdry Dilawar Ali bhalli, Hakim Ghulam Rasool Bhutta , Hakim Muhammad Shareef & Hakim Muhammad Yasin Duniya Puri  , Hakim Muhammad Yasin Chawla , Hakim Malik Khair-ul-Din Dogar , Hakim Muhammad Shafi Talib Qadri , Hakim Nazar Hussain Qureshi, Hakim Ghulam Haider Sohail, Hakim Chuhdry Barkat Ali, Hakim Zafar Ullah Qamar Lakhwi Okara , Dr Akhtar ,Hakim Akbar Ali Naseem , Hakim Rahmat Ali Rahat , Hakim Noor Muhammad Hairvi ,Hakim Ilahi Bakhsh Multan  are some famous names in the list of his students. They all performed their entire services for the "SOT" in different ways.

First Organization Of "SOT:

Founder of "SOT" also Established an organization" Tehreek Tajdeed-e-tibb" Pakistan , President , Dilawar Ali Bhalli . Wise: Hakim Muhammad Shareef Dunia Puri . Hakim Chuhdry Barkat Ali , Hakim Rahmat Ali Rahat,Genral Secratery : Hakim M Sadeeq Shaheen,Khizanchi Hakim Ghulam Rasool Bhutta.   for the optimization and development of his "Theory".
Son of Dr Dost Muhammad Sabir Multani , Hakim Muslim Nasir Shakeel  is its chief Patron.
After the death of Dr Dost Muhammad Sabir Multani TTT Pakistan could not stay organized as before, thus we failed to achieve our desired goal.

2011-2012 Hakim-e-Inqlab Tibbi Council ®  Pakistan. All rights reserved.
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